Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It all started with the Quite Eleganza, a SassyChicBoutique dress that we decided to rename at TÀCCU for the EID LOOKS articles.

SCBD fell in love with the name and decided that we should name her entire new collection. The names we found were very much inspired by pop-culture, moods and feelings we got. The collab was refreshing, cool and very funny. Find out the amazing looks and the story behind their names :

Look 1

With the baby blue and the ballon sleeves we immediately thought about Cinderella and she was all grown-up. She cut her iconic gown from the knees down and went where chic happens. We named it Chicderella.

Look 2

Seeing this look with this color made us think about the beginning of the Survivor clip video by Destiny's Child and how Kelly Rowland rocked an amazing blood orange garment. Due to the fact that we have really been surviving in 2020, we had to name it Destiny.

Look 3

The elegance in the pose and in the garment made us think that everywhere she goes will be very bright. Even during the night, because photographers would want pictures of her. We named it Paparazzi.

Look 4

We went very crazy with this dress and tried to connect the dots. Even after that she was still very warm and did not give us the cold shoulder. We named it Fevah.

Look 5

This look gave us modest, cool and playful vibes. It is showing skin but it was so subtle that you have to be fast to see it. And Peekabo it became.

Look 6

Last but not least, his yellow look with a lot of material made us think of a sunflower. She's only waiting for the sun to be her true powerful nature so we named it SunPower !

Credits: Badara Preira (Photographer)