Looking for an EID Outfit ? Say no more !

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Besides Eid being a huge religious event, it is also Senegal's Fashion Peak : tailors and seamstresses spend days and nights at their workshop, designers are busy creating new collections and taking orders while us customers are right here looking for the perfect fit to rock... you would even think that everybody is getting ready for a Fashion Week/ Oscars or Grammys event.

This is exactly why our editors at #TACCU selected for you some of the best EID Outfits out there for both women and men. ( we got it covered 😉)

The Kabir collection by So'Fatoo

From a campaign that left us all in awe, this collection is everything Eid should be. Sold out within 4 days, it is the perfect mix between bazin and our traditional woven fabric. If you want to have a regal look and let the noise of the fabric tell people that someone has definitely arrived, it is for you ! And for men that want to try something different from the usual color palette, it's a yes. You guys might want to order ASAP because it might already be sold out the minute we're writing this article.

Photographer & Art Director : Mamy Tall / Models : Ndiaye Ba & Kader Gadji / MUA : Chic et simple MU / Jewelry : Imaara / Hairstylist : Sagnse Official

The Zeynab dress by Influence

From the Sahara line, this bubu/kaftan inspired bordeaux dress is what you need if you want to feel strong and very soft at the same time. The gold details scream power and goddess while the light material cannot wait to be cooperating with the wind like you have never seen it before.

Photographer : Bizenga / Model : Fafa / Hairstylist : Amfa Beauty House / Art Director : Anna TOURE / MUA : Gaby Ayimele

The Jigeen dress by Saowan

If you are bold and daring, you just found your match : this baby blue dress with ruffles embellishments on the neckline and the sleeves gives people a peek-a-boo effect on the back that people will remember for years !

Model : Khady Ndiaye

The silk shantung bubu by Ynedi

For an unmissable look, this outfit is for you : bright, very reflective and classy with a pleated material from the thighs down that adds dimension and movement to the garment. Make sure you also style it with an amazing Senegalese vintage headwrap.

Model : Mamie Thiaw / Photographer : Proximage

The #TradChic dress by SassyChic Boutique

We renamed it the Quiet Eleganza dress for people that like to keep it simple yet very fashionable. From the look of it, you would almost think that it's a basic dress but it has everything to give you a silent dramatic entrance : a boat neckline, bracelet sleeves, gold seams on a navy blue flowy fabric... the combination of it all is divine.

Photographer : Badara Preira / Model : Sassoume

The detailed bubu by Cova

With structured shoulders and white embroidery from the neckline to the bottom of the bubu, this one will give you a fresh, clean and distinguished look.

Photographer : Bay'innov / Model : Assane Thiam

Whether you like it bold, simple or usual, designers have thought about everything for you. Stay tuned for some new outfits, pieces are still dropping and you still have time to find your perfect Eid look. However, we do hope that you found yours while reading this article...

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