Credit: Mélanie Mauro

Avalanche, Amethyst and Santana have one thing in common and it’s not being roses … they’re all suits from Maison Detta, an amazing brand that names its garments after flowers.

Getting inspiration from flowers and naming suits after them totally make sense after you understand the story of Maison Detta whom was originally supposed to be a flower business. “At the beginning, Maison Detta was a rose boxes business. That was the original plan but I couldn’t move forward with it. Knowing that I love wearing suits and that I already had a logo and colors for the boxes, I just changed the flowers by suits and to keep it cohesive, I decided to name the suits after the flowers. And that’s how Maison Detta, Suits Designer was born.” says Dalanda Soumaré, Founder & Designer of Maison Detta.

Credit: SoFatim

Models: LaDiagneNaar, Dalanda

From a fashion scene mostly filled with bubus and maxi dresses, Maison Detta is literally the breath of fresh air we needed with their well-tailored and elegant suits.

All lined up, with very chic silhouettes and a color palette straight from a garden or macaron boxes from Pierre Hermé, the suits scream class, sophistication and charm just like the Detta Woman who is “outgoing, open-minded, independent and fearless“ says Dalanda.

While the suits are what Maison Detta is known for, the latest set they gave us is quite different and allows us to believe that we’ll get more than suits.

Called “Dreaming Maid”, the set is composed by a flowy sleeveless top and romantic pleated palazzo pants that are to die for! “I decided that I’ll not only design suits and I’ll have more clothes that fit who the Detta Woman is.” she says.

Credit: Mélanie Mauro

Model: Dalanda

With the main focus being womenswear, Maison Detta is experimenting the menswear and gave us a glance of what it can potentially look like at the Jelani Brunch. “I’m still learning… menswear is a challenge for me and I want to be fully prepared to officially launch it.” she says. At TÀCCU, we don’t have any doubts, if the experimentation process is what we saw, we can assure you that the menswear will be as refreshing, clever and elegant as the womenswear and those are several reasons to clap for.